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Subaru BRZ Serving Colorado Springs Fuel Economy

The summer is here and the latest models in the Subaru line up are being rolled out in all new fashion and style. The new Subaru BRZ near Colorado Springs is one of the highest choices for an affordable sports vehicle and some things that make this selection a popular one begins with the high level of efficiency and fuel mileage that the vehicle naturally gets on both the city and highway streets. Secondly, for its high level of performance, the latest BRZ models retain good economy in the fuel aspect as well as the starting price of the overall vehicle. The BRZ is a relatively high performance vehicle that has a large output for a small, four cylinder engine. The stylish appearance and the many standard and optional provisions in the latest BRZ at Dave Solon Subaru is a major highlight in this affordable sports vehicle. The car is a two-door vehicle with a strong and stable appearance. It is low to the ground and has a good center of gravity which is complimented by the standard Subaru Boxer engine which is strategically placed to offer the most stability it can. The vehicle is quite sleek and sharp aerodynamic designs run throughout its design bringing dignity to the driver and leaving an impression on the onlooker.


Subaru BRZ Serving Colorado Springs Efficient Standards
Two main styles are available Serving Colorado Springs Area Subaru BRZ Customers. The first one is the standard BRZ design which is called the Premium and it is loaded with the basics and the essentials along with that high level of electronic entertainment standards. Some of the things that are always included in every model of the latest Subaru vehicles include a high level of safety standards along with the added comfort; all of which have been improving over the years and these create a vehicle environment that is useful, safe and enjoyable. This new version of the BRZ is equipped with a six speed manual transmission which is optimal for sports driving and having a manual transmission at one's disposal is a good asset to have on the road: It gives drivers the most control of which gears that they are in and allows for a bit more efficiency throughout the city and city-wide driving. The basic model, or the Premium, is just as strong as the Limited model and offers all of the essentials that the BRZ needs. It is fitted with a 2.0 liter Subaru Boxer engine with a power output of 200 HP. It has a torque of 151 and the vehicle is built with high standards in efficient tech to reduce environmental impact and increase performance. This engine utilizes direct injection which gives the vehicle excellent power for its size without having to add a turbocharger or other power supplemental equipment, leaving the engine efficient and speedy.




Subaru BRZ Serving Colorado Springs Fuel Ratings
The next level of a new or Used Subaru BRZ for Colorado Springs is the Limited which holds the same standards for power and efficiency, therefore its price is not much more than the previous and its options are worth checking out because of that. Remaining economical in price and functionality, the new Subaru BRZ Limited trim version adds some impressive options and standard on this model comes the premium leather upholstery seating along with the useful addition of fog lights and some other conveniences. The Limited has keyless entry and the push-button ignition for ease of access. It also introduces automatic climate control and the option of an automatic transmission for those who prefer to keep driving a bit simpler. The automatic transmission is generally the best choice for increased efficiency and better fuel economy. Its ratings are a large 34 miles per gallon on the highway and 25 in the city, which, for a sports vehicle, is great. For the best performance and a longer estimated engine life, the Subaru BRZ should be filled with a 91 octane fuel rating and a level of 93 octane fuel is actually recommended for the best in performance and efficiency.


Subaru BRZ Serving Colorado Springs Optional Additions
Some of the best available upgrades on the Subaru BRZ are optional on both of the new models, but reasons to choose the Limited include heated front seats and an air filtration system which is not found in the Premium. A lot of extra options are available in both models, such as an auto-dimming mirror with digital compass display and optional HomeLink services. Optional aesthetics include a sport chrome fender trim kit to boost the appearance of the BRZ grille and a sport trunk spoiler. Some other body modifications are available to increase airflow and boost appearances and a footwell illumination kit provides some dim lighting in the foot areas. All new Subaru BRZs are loaded with the same impressive safety standards and features and the only difference in those features is a keyless entry in the Limited. Each one of these is a powerful and efficient sports vehicle and they can be maintained at any Subaru BRZ service near Colorado Springs location.